Patrick Fine, CEO, welcomes participants to the 2nd Annual FHI 360 Gender Summit and encourages open, productive dialogue around gender integration.

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 Highlights: The 2015 summit focused on how to achieve gender equality in international development through harmonizing female empowerment and male engagement strategies, exploring the evidence base both for successful practices and lessons learned, and examining the role of donors in advancing the next evolution of gender integration.

Recap: The Gender 360 Summit on June 11, 2015 focused conversations on the question, how do we achieve gender equality in international development? Key themes like male engagement, power relations, and women's rights as human rights emerged during the day-long event.

Opening remarks & Panel Discussions

Opening Remarks

Andrea M. Bertone, FHI 360

Patrick Fine, FHI 360

Deborah Kennedy, FHI 360 

Are we taking the right approaches to achieve Gender Equality?

Andrea M. Bertone,  FHI 360

Margaret Greene, Greeneworks

Lori Michau, Raising Voices Uganda

Maryce Ramsey, FHI 360 

What Role do Donors Play in Advancing the Gender Equality Agenda?

Ritu Sharma, Sharma Solutions 

Susan Markham, USAID

Theo Sowa, African Women's Development Fund

Joan Libb-Hawk, Un Women & UN Global

Sally Grear, UK DFID

Andrew Morrison, Inter-American Development Bank

Emily Esplen, OECD

keynote address & featured speaker


Catherine M. Russell, Ambassador-At-Large for Global Women's Issues, U.S. Department of State 

Spotlighting a Male Youth Voice for Female Empowerment

Featured Speaker: Fikiri Nzoyisenga, Young African Leaders Initiative; Founder, Youth Coalition Against Gender-Based Violence - Semerera, Burundi 

Lightning Talks

Transforming Gender Equality in Education
Judithe Registre

Mitigating Migrant Vulnerability in HIV/AIDS
Sumita Taneja,

Promoting Gender-Based Violence Prevention Approaches
Mary Ellsberg,

Gender Lounge

Discussing Strategies to Realize Gender Equality.

Discussing Strategies to Realize Gender Equality.